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Custom Made Props


Custom Illusions has been building custom props for the better part of twenty years. Props which range from the largest stage illusions to the smallest pocket trick. We specialize in bringing custom props to you at an affordable price point. Everyone knows that custom work can be very expensive but we offer an alternative for those that just don't have the huge budgets like other performers.

  • Monkee Nutz / Busker Case and Table
  • Guerrilla Tables / Video Downloads
  • PDF's / Hand Manipulation Balls / and so much more..

Custom Props


Custom Illusions offers some of the most unique custom built props on the magic market today. Take a look at some of the items we have built for other professionals and you will see we do not do the same things that everyone else does. Just take a look and see for yourself as we pride ourselves on not being a "trick of the day" suppler!

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Instant Downloads


The hands of magic is proud to offer some of the most unique and sought after underground magic on the internet in the form of instant download. You can find some amazing pdf's and downloads by J. Burke Whittaker. His manuscripts are nearly impossible to find on the market but we have them here...

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J. Burke Whittaker


"When I am looking for custom work to be done for one of my effects I always choose The Hands of Magic and Custom Illusions. Their work is top notch with reasonable prices"

Nick Story — Chelmsford, Essex


I just wanted to say I purchased Coin Box concepts and after watching Volume #1 all I can say is wow! fantastic! I have been a working magician for 30 years had a couple of box routines I have used but this blew me away. I need a few weeks to work on some of this stuff in vol.1 so will not watch 2 yet. Thank you for giving me a great download live it. Nick. 

Shawn Mullins. — Boston, MA.


I  just received my set of Hand Manipulation Balls from J. Burke  Whittaker. These are perfect for the classic 3 Ball Trick. They look  great, have wonderful grip and will last. 

GREAT job!

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Do you have questions about what Custom Illusions can do for you? Are you interested in collaborating on a project? Send us a message, and we will get back to you soon. 

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