Ultra Chopped Monkee Nutz


This is the cutting edge for the Chop Cup ball

For many years professionals have struggled with having to drop each ball into their Chop cup in order to figure out which ball was which. then you had to keep them separated in order to choreograph your routine so that it ran smoothly. Now this extra manipulation has come to an end with a practical and elegant solution with nothing extra just the two balls. 


The Technology

You will recieve the normal two ball set needed for for your Chop cup routine but these are anything but normal. One of the balls are gimmicked as you would expect except it has a new technology that allows it to adapt to your cup automatically.  The second ball is also subtly gimmicked so that you can tell the balls apart instantly without having to look at them.  They are identical in appearance  and your spectator can handle them and never discover their secret.


So many options

There are so many configurations as far as color and style. There are single color, double, and triple color balls. Each set is made on demand so if you see a color you like you can simply let us know and we will get them made just as you are looking for. That is correct every set is made custom just for you. The cords are made specifically for Custom Illusions and are selected for their vivid color and colorfast quality. These will look amazing for many years to come. You can purchase your set for only $19.99...Here!