Ultra Astonish-Mints

By J. Burke Whittaker

Ever since its initial release in 1991 more magicians all over the world have been releasing their version of the card to mint tin of course some were good and some well...not so good. What you will read here is what we believe is not just the first but still the best of all of them. It is magical practical and has all the hallmarks we have come to expect from a great routine.

This PDF is a recreation of the original manuscript that Mr. Whittaker released and sold during his Secret Sessions lectures. His Secret Sessions were the only place this material could be had and you had to be lucky enough to be invited to one to even have the chance to obtain it. For many years now very few people have had this great effect at their disposal but now you have the chance too.

You may pass this up thinking that it is just any folded card to mint tin but it goes well beyond that. This is an incredible version of the effect which designed to be instantly repeatable and is reset as soon as you drop the tin in your pocket after performing the effect.  Mr. Whittaker used this in every restaurant and walk around corporate show he did.

This is a folded card to mint tin but here are a couple of highlights:  You show the tin full of mints at the start of the routine by offering one to your spectator; yes they are all real! The tin is placed on the table in front of everyone before a card is ever selected and signed. When you open the tin after the card vanishes not only is it in the mint tin but the mints have vanished as well leaving the box empty; except the card. 

The manuscript shows you how to construct the gimmick and you may have everything you need already. The construction takes only a few minutes and will last a very very long time. Plus as a bonus you will be taught how to upgrade the gimmick so you can perform it with any denomination of signed bill.

Oh! did we mention you are all reset after each performance?

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