The Silver Dollar System

The Silver Dollar System by J. Burke Whittaker


In the early 80’s J. Burke Whittaker began hosting private lectures for magicians from around the world. These lectures were called the Secret Sessions lectures and were a hit wherever they were offered.  This text is the first volume of several which contains the coin magic that was taught during those lectures.

This 83 page download offers some of J. Burke Whittaker’s most amazing coin magic including his walk around coin act which includes his favorite close up coin kicker ending that people go nuts over. You will also learn some of his original tricks and sleights that have become so hugely popular now days.

This volume is packed full of killer coin magic and any one thing in it is worth far more than the asking price. This is the first in a number of upcoming downloads and is designed to be a course in the magic J. Burke Whittaker uses for his own shows. 

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