The Pendulum

By J. Burk Whittaker

The Pendulum is quite possibly the oldest form of fortune telling ever devised by humans. Its use can be traced back as far as history and has been used to divine everything from gold to the sex of an unborn child. It is accepted by most who are familiar with it as a true from of reliable information that no one could possibly know.

In this manuscript you will be taught how to use this ancient device for magical purposes such as, finding spectators hidden thoughts, hidden objects, amazing coincidence affects, just to name a few. Each entry in this will arm you with fantastic potential ideas that will get you the most from your pendulum.

You will be first taught the proper techniques as well as how to prime your spectator to get the best results when they use the pendulum. After that you will be given many ideas with its use in the form of routines that range from the odd to the comical. Most of the routines in this require nearly no sleight of hand and the couple that do use simple sleights that anyone can do. 

The pendulum is widely accepted by many as being an unexplained device that really tells them information from the cosmos and this manuscript will help you capitalize on this by building on a structure that convinces them that you are not doing anything but in fact are divining their own fortune. 

Keep in mind the routines are not used for fortune telling they are magical happenings with a lot of visual and mental appeal. Anyone who uses a pendulum will leave a lasting impression not only of their magic but of themselves as well; you will stand out from the crowd if you use this information.

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