The Guerrilla Table

Features the exclusive Posh Pad


Each Table is designed to be used in any situation by providing the best surface for close up work or stage.

Reinforced Teflon Table Mount


Our table mount is made from custom milled Teflon and reinforced for stability. the table legs attach securely by a large threaded connection.

Tripod Design for stability


The three feet keep this stable while in use yet do not get caught up as easily on your feet while walking around the table.

Large Threaded Base Connection


The large threaded connection on the base of the tripod helps to make the table steadier while in use. It also makes it easier to thread together.

Disassembles Into Small Space


The table breaks down into small easy to stow sections. Each piece threads into the base nut making a perfect tripod stand.

Heavy Duty Base Nut


This heavy duty piece is designed with the working performer in mind. It has been made of extras strong steel so that it can be assembled thousands of times

Our Guerrilla Table Has been all over the world

We have had many orders for this table that have shipped all over the world. Performers who have purchased this table all agree it is the best beating out every other table they have used. Its design is compact and it looks as good on the street as it does on the fanciest stage. 

Each table is made at the time of order so that we can focus on your table instead of mass producing them. This allows us to focus on the finest detail with your table. This means we will need approximately two weeks to have your table made. We do at any point contact you to keep you up to date on its progress. All this is to insure you have a product you will be proud to use for years to come.

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