J. Burke Whittaker Does The three shell game

By J. Burke Whittaker

Consider by many all around the world as one of the best Three Shell Game  manuscripts and one of the most influential as well. You will see where so many people have used this as a jumping point for the methods they would teach decades after it original release. This has been passed by performer to performer underground for many years.

Mr. Whittaker passes on some of his most closely guarded routines, moves, and gimmicks that he has used over the years to fool everyone. Unlike many people who have written on this subject he takes a magical point of view when performing it. You will of course use this as the old swindle but then you will be performing some really magical moments along the line.

You will start with the basics so that you will be able to start with the strong foundation for performing the shell game. You will then move along and learn some of the sleights that he has invented which are now staples in many performers routines. Then you will go into sample routines that use some pretty incredible climax effects

You can now benefit from this information and transform your 3 shell game into an incredibly magical thing. 

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