The Coffee Table Cups and Balls

By J. Burke Whittaker

We have all seen formal cups and balls routines that require difficult or elaborate set ups to perform. The Coffee Table Cups and Balls is a welcome departure from this in fact it is truly designed to be performed in the most informal of places at a coffee table in the average living room with your audience gathered around. It is meant to bring a bit of merriment to any occasion. 

It is engineered to be done with the small cups that are available on the market instead of the standard size cups. These small cups are often overlooked by people as being 

non-viable to perform with professionally because they are small and feel difficult to use because the "standard" sleights were never meant to be used with them. No more though because J. Burke Whittaker has put together a multi-phase routine with new moves tailored to this size cup. 

Imagine those times when your at the party and someone says "hey can you do something for us..." what do you say "sorry I don't perform unless I am getting paid.." or "I don't really have anything with me..." Both are terrible answers why call yourself a magician if you don't love to perform. Here is the chance to do something that everyone will remember. Pull the table up to a chair and remove everything you need from your pocket when you sit down and do a REAL performance for the group. This routine is not too long so you will leave them wanting more and it signals itself as complete when you are done so no one will say do more. 

Besides learning some new subtle techniques with the working balls you will also explore a completely overlooked and bold way to "hold out" your final loads that will allow you to steal them and secretly load them into the cups right under the spectators nose. 

J. Burke Whittaker kept this idea to himself for 35 years and has never tipped his handling before. This will be a great resource to use with your own magical endeavors. 

This manuscript will allow you to perform what some would consider the best mini theater magic effect there is and kill with it just like their big brother. Whether you use  the inexpensive red, yellow, and blue plastic cups or the higher end metal cups this routine will make it look like a master work. 

This booklet covers J. Burke Whittaker's full routine in every detail. You will find this a great and practical routine for those informal occasions. 

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The Coffee Table Cups and Balls is now available. This eagerly anticipated manuscript is ready to ship and is just a couple clicks away from having a space in your magic research library. If you are a fan of the cups and balls this is a must read.