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Ultra Atsonish-Mints


The original signed card to mint tin that started all the variations which followed. Instant repeat and two surprise climaxes!

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$2 Impression Device


The best impression device for the close up worker; easy to make, totally above suspicion, and really subtle handling

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Pendulum Magic


This is not fortune telling with a pendulum but instead its the use of a pendulum in full magical effects. If you want something different then this is for you

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The Three Shell Game


Considered by many to be one of the best treatises on the magical use of the three shell still to this day. This bridges the gap between swindle and magic.

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The Booking System: Blueprint


Restaurants managers don't need or want you because you are not showing them your true value. This teaches what product to actually sell. 

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Duel Reality...Duel


Make this gimmick for next to nothing in minutes and use it for years. It looks so completely innocent no one will know it has a secret despite everyone looking at all times.

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