Missing from the market for nearly a decade...

Solid silicone manipulation balls have been missing from the market for nearly a decade after the number one provider in the world closed its doors. These sets, if and when you can find them, fetch a pretty penny. 


The only hope was inferior quality replacements...

For those that still wished to perform effects like the "Three Ball Routine" were left with little choice but to use inferior quality balls like those found in vending machines. Though they worked they lacked the incredible quality that pure high grade silicone could provide. This fact has led to a decline in the popularity of this trick.


Custom Illusions has answered the call...

Many advancements in the manufacturing process over the years since the demise of "hand Manip Balls" have taken place leading to better silicone and better mold making processes. Custom Illusions balls take full advantage of these advancements and now offers the magic community a ball designed to be better than the originals.  

Five Balls In Each Set


Every set of our Hand Manipulation balls will be comprised of 5 amazing one inch balls. 

The Highest Grade Silicone


Each set are made with the highest grade silicone available on the market. Plus they are UV reactive for fantastic glowing effects.

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Perfect Grip and Handling


This new improved material makes our balls handle better, grip better, and look better than any other ball on the market. 

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New Neon Orange


Incredible, bright, and beautiful are just a few words to describe them. Plus they glow with UV light for a unique stage appearance 

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Crazy Green


Such a beautiful shade of green and like our Orange these are reactive to UV light as well. These can be used on stage for a great glowing effect.

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Really Red


Really red follows the traditional color often associated with most cups and balls sets. This is a very nice color for sure

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Baby Blue


Not only are these high quality silicone but they are a beautiful color blue. 

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Navy Blue


Deep, rich, dark blue will make such a striking appearance in your magic. These are gorgeous. 

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Radioactive Yellow


Bright, UV reactive, and just plain awesome. These glow beautifully under UV lights.

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We know as a professional performer you want the best there is...

Our Hand Manipulation Balls are made to last a life time and look as good fifty years from now as they look the day you get them. Our silicone is the perfect material for use with this type of manipulation ball and we are sure after you handle them you will agree instantly. Once you try this set you will never settle for anything less because the best always pays for itself and your performance should have nothing short of the best.