Guerilla Case and table

Heavy Duty Case


Guerilla tables feature heavy duty cases for precious and expensive cargo.

Posh Pad Close Up Stage


Every Guerrilla Case and Table includes a Posh Pad Close up Stage which fits the case lid perfectly.

Custom Fit Tripod


Unlike most every other case and table our custom tripod fits in its own custom space inside the case.

Posh Pad Close Up Stage


Hailed as the best close up surface for cards, coins, cups and balls, chop cups. etc. It features non-slip feet for perfect grip as well.

Custom adjustable Tripod stand


This custom made stand is designed to be used without a huge flange on the bottom of the case so it can be used in more venues.

Easy Theme Changes


Easily adapt the appearance for kids shows, corporate events, comedy clubs, or any event you just need a new look for.

Custom made one at a time

Each Guerilla Case and table will be made after you order it. This allows us to focus on each detail of your case instead of having them mass produced. As with any custom made prop it does take time to construct so the turn around time with them is approximately two weeks. We do our best to make them as quickly as we can without compromising the end product. At any time during the process we will be in touch with you to inform you to the progress of your case.

We do all we can to create a case that you will enjoy for many years to come.

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