Official Gorilla Nutz by Custom Illusions


The perfect final load ball for your Chop Cup or Cups and Balls routine.

Four Ball Set


This comes with four final load Official Gorilla Nutz.

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Two Ball Set


This comes with two final load Official Gorilla Nutz.

I want my set

Gorilla Nutz


Each ball is designed to be the perfect final load to match our Monkee Nutz, Combo-Chopped Monkee Nutz, and our Chopped Monkee Nutz.

Solid Rubber Core


Each has a specially made core of high quality rubber so that these keep their shape for many years to come. Plus it gives them the perfect weight.

Perfect Size


The balls are made to give the impact you need as a surprise final load but still  be manageable in your jacket pocket. 

Top quality Cord


Custom Illusions uses their own brand of cord for their Monkee Nutz brand of balls and Gorilla Nutz are no exception

Secure Knotting


The knots are secured with a proprietary process to ensure they stay tight and look  good for years to come.

Cups and Balls or Chop Cup


Gorilla Nutz come in two sets: a four ball set for your Cups and Balls or a two Ball set for your Chop cup

Official Gorilla Nutz

Official Gorilla Nutz are made with the highest grade materials and workmanship that go into all of the Official Monkee Nutz brand balls. When it comes to professional performers we know you require the best from your equipment and Gorrilla Nutz are just that. Don't ever settle for less than the best!