The Great Fu-Ling Egg Production by J. Burke Whittaker

By J. Burke Whittaker


An all new take on the age old Chop cup using a beautiful leather lined bamboo cup.

Featuring a Set of Custom Monkee Nutz


This is a custom set of balls that allow you to do all new handlings no other Chop cups has ever been able to do before.

J. Burke Whittaker's Full Routine


The accompanying manuscript gives you the routine Mr. Whittaker has used for real audiences for many years. 


The Great Fu-Ling Egg Bag by J. Burke Whittaker

Additional Information

While explaining that your grandfather used to tell you a story of the greatest magic trick he ever saw by a famous magician known as Fu-Ling you attempt to reproduce this feat right before everyone in attendance. You explain that you will cause a real egg to appear under an inverted cup that has been examined and placed in the center of the table. You wave your hand over the cup with as much sincerity as you can muster but when you lift the cup from the table there is no egg but the ball from the tassel has appeared under it.

When you lift the bag from the table it is indeed gone causing a very unexpected moment that is quite comical. You replace the ball  back on the tassel and attempt to cause the egg to appear but once again the ball appears under the cup. The ball is dropped into the cup and the bag is once again lifted and the ball is indeed gone.

When the cup is inverted with the ball inside it visually jumps back and attaches itself to the bag as it vanishes from under the cup. You try once more to make the egg appear under the cup but still that little ball keeps ruining your show so you place the ball in your pocket where it appears on the tassel. You try to remove it to get rid of it but every time you do another appears attached in its place.

Offering to give up on this whole egg trick you offer to do the greatest card trick your grandfather ever saw and as you pick the cup up to put it away there is the egg that everyone has pretty much forgotten about. This is a perfect comical end to a comical set of events. 

This is just one example of a routine you can do with all the equipment you receive. there is no doubt you will find endless ways to use this. 

What you get:

You will receive the beautiful bamboo Chop cup which is lined with select suede that gives an elegant look. It also has J. Burke Whittaker's own  "no close up pad needed" design.

You receive the special set of balls which have been designed to work with this set and also have all the benefits of our Ultra Chopped Monkee Nutz   which alone offer many possibilities.

You receive The gimmicked bag that allows for some amazing handling ideas that will no doubt get you thinking and inventing your own ideas and routines in no time. are going to get J. Burke Whittaker's commercial easy to do routine that allows you to start and end the routine with no pocket loads, from a self contained position, and reset when you are finished. 

You will learn new sleights that are not difficult so you can concentrate on performing not knuckle busting. 

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