Duel Reality...Duel

By J. Burke Whittaker


Do you want to be able to carry a mentalism gimmick that your  audience can look right at during your performance and never suspect it  of any subterfuge; a gimmick that will allow you to perform some amazing  coincidence effects, forces, or mind reading. How about a gimmick so  simple and cheap to build it might actually cost you nothing to make and  last for years. 

Then this is just what you are looking for;  this is a clever idea with some incredibly subtle handling that will  allow you to do some really amazing effects. This download will teach  you how to turn an everyday object that everyone recognizes into an  incredible gimmick that is easy to use.You will then be taught numerous  routines that it can be used with and all of which are seemingly made up  on the spot:

You will be able to have one spectator divine  another spectators name from across the room and you never know either  of their names.

Predict the date on a coin or bill selected from  group of coins, or bills, collected from different members of the  audience without ever seeing the coin, or bill, that is selected.

You  are also going to be given J. Burke Whittaker's pet routine which he  used for many years that is a comedy mentalism act revolving around the  idea of getting your girlfriend, wife, or both something nice for your  anniversary and  this has a big comedy pay off in the end; literally!  This routine is worth ten times the asking price alone.

You will  be given many ideas with this gimmick that will get you thinking and as  soon as you read it you will come up with thousands of your own I am  sure.

You may purchase this incredible download ...Here!