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The Posh Pad Close Up Stage

Considered by so many to be the best working surface for cards, coins, Cups and Balls, Chop cup, or shell game it stands head and shoulders above any competition. The Proprietary foam can only be found in our pads and it makes our Posh pad Close Up Stage the incredible performing surface it is. 


Gurrilla Case and Table

This is every performers dream for a stage table. Made of a heavy duty case to carry your props and convert into a stable working table. It features a custom set of legs which unlike other tables of this kind fit in their own custom slot inside the case. Whether busking, stage, parlour, or close up performing this case is perfect for any event. 

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The Great Fu-Ling Egg Production

We manufacture the Great Fu-Ling Egg Production which is J. Burke Whittaker's version of the Chop cup. It is made of specially milled Chinese Bamboo then lined with high quality black suede. The balls are specially designed for this package so that you get some pretty amazing bonus effects you cannot do with just any Chop cup. 

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Hindu Style Cheppum Panthum Cups

This is one of two sets of cups made specially for one of our customers. They were constructed and designed to not just functional but also to look as if they were really used on the street. These are constructed of leather, coconut shell, and beautifully stained woods.They have also been distressed and given a beautiful oil finish. The balls are made of hardwood cores and premium suede wrapping.


Heavy Monkee Nutz

This set of balls were made specifically for J. Burke Whittaker's Asymmetrical Cups and Balls routine. They are designed with a steel and rubber insert to give them weight so they can be used indoors or out. They are then wrapped in a smaller parachute cord so that they have a much rounder look and feel. We then treat them with a proprietary process which locks the cords in position so they cannot unravel


The Guerrila Table

This table is designed to be packed in the computer sleeve of a messenger bag or backpack. When removed and reassembled it forms a beautiful table which can be used anywhere for any type of show.  It has our Posh Pad close up stage top in a custom size made specifically for this application. It is a take anywhere, perform anywhere, table that is both strong and stable.

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